on all levels.
is your birthright.

Money is sacred. 
Money is spiritual. 
Money is a form of energy, one that helps us amplify our intentions and manifest the
life of our 
wildest dreams.

heal your relationship with money, become a magnetic match to SUCCESS, EMBODY abundance, and master a prosperity mindset. 


You'll Receive:



tantric philosphy & practices

11 modules



What would you do if you knew absolutely everything is available to you and within reach?
What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and had over a
million dollars in your savings account?
What if I told you it is absolutely possible to tap into the highest experience
of pleasure, riches, and ecstasy right here and now... no need to wait?

These are the realms we're playing in and the frequencies we are expanding into. Making the impossible possible, bringing awareness to our perceived limitations and blasting beyond them, to come out on the other side an empowered, magnetic match to wealth, ready to call in even your most intimidating goals and dreams. 

We will be focusing on both of these while learning many tools you can use for the rest of your journey to continue calling in more abundance and pleasure. 

Wealth comes from within. This is why so many who chase material wealth and fame often feel unfulfilled at "the top", once their dreams have been made manifest. We'll be focusing on creating the experience of wealth from within and moving it from the spiritual to the material realms. Calling in more money and personal empowerment gets to be pleasurable, and I cant wait to show you how. 

Often, the only thing standing in the way of you and your dreams is the way you feel about yourself and what you believe to be possible.

This is more than just a money program; it's a total lifestyle empowerment journey. As you reclaim your power in the area of wealth, you reclaim it in all areas. 

have limiting beliefs around money and are ready to heal your relationship with material riches

are ready to embdoy the self love and self worth you know you deserve and are capable of

are ready to manifest and call in greater wealth 

are committed to your success and changing the state of your finances

are ready to open to receive more pleasure, play and power!

are ready to step into your next level, luxury self and experience the frequency of wealth today

are excited to rewrite your abundance story and show up for yourself, because you know you are f*cking worth it.

This is for you if you:


Meet your Luxury Self...

true wealth consciousness is 
beyond the material realm;
it dwells within THE SPIRIT. 

you are abundance embodied.
when you activate inner riches, your outer world REFLECTS IT.

your PROSPERITY journey gets to be infused with SELF DISCOVERY, pleasure, play & empowerment.

I spent the first 25 years of my life seeking and trying to find the true meaning of happiness across the world, beyond what society and the media told me. After living in poverty and also living with more material wealth than I could have possibly imagined, renouncing it all to become a full time yogi and living off grid with a small suitcase of secondhand items to my name, my path finally led me to tantra which gave me permission to release the extremes and be fully myself; a spiritual being in a physical and material reality.

I learned I could play in this world, but not attach to it or take it too seriously.
I learned that I could be abundant, free, and pleased on all levels, without feeling guilty.

This journey brings together the material and spiritual, as we remember all is Divine. This reality is Divine. We are here to experience it all to our fullest capactiy. 

Much of my life used to be like an internal and external tug of war between the spiritual and material worlds. 

From a young age I was interested in spirituality and spent my free time learning about different ancient spiritual and religious paths until I was able to travel the world and study them firsthand.

I grew up with less material wealth than anyone I knew and existed with a constant feeling of lack and unworthiness. This created a massive drive within me to obtain as much money and material success as I possibly could, as young as I possibly could. And I did. One of my first cars was my 

dream car; a Porsche. At twenty-two I was living in Macau (Asia’s Las Vegas) with a personal limo driver and a condo overlooking the very glamorous city. I could have anything I wanted and everything the little girl within me desired and dreamed of her whole childhood… and I was not only the most miserable I had ever been, I was struggling with suicidal thoughts and constantly envisioned myself walking into the ocean I could see from my bedroom and never returning to this world, the exact world I spent my life devoted to creating for myself.

I had listened to what society told me. That I had to look a certain way, be a certain way, and own certain things, in order to be happy. And there I was at “the top” and the most unhappy I had ever been. I dreamed of being back in the Canadian mountains where I grew up, talking to the trees and riding my bicycle through berry fields, feeling truly alive and RICH. 

I decided this was the time to embark on my spiritual journey and go all in on searching for the answers to my big questions. I had always dreamed of living with monks and learning from them, so I let go of my Porsche, my condo, my designer bags and moved to Thailand. I only owned enough to fit into one suitcase, which is all I would own for the following five years. I spent the first two months alone in silence. Those were the most painful days of my life; allowing all of the trauma from my past come to surface in a quiet room by myself. I shamed myself for wanting nice things and chose to release all material pleasures. The first time I tried plant medicine I cut out my hair extensions and vowed to never desire anything “superficial” again. I practiced celibacy and walked a path completely alone, devoted to my spiritual practice and being of service.

The next few years I studied different spiritual paths throughout Asia, volunteered at wildlife and environmental projects, and taught yoga. I lived dollar to dollar. I lived in a tug of war. As I had friends from my old glamorous lifestyle who judged me for wearing baggy clothing and not brushing my hair, then friends from the ashram who judged me for being me (naturally a very sensual and expressive, feminine woman) or for wearing mascara some days. I was trying so hard to be the best version of myself but I couldn’t figure out who I even was as a starting point.

This all changed when I first walked into a class taught by a radiant Kundalini Tantrika. She felt like all of the things to me; an embodiment of inner and outer beauty, she wore makeup and felt so radiant from within. She woke up a part of me that had been sleeping; my very sensual feminine nature that is so much of who I am. She was my permission slip; that I can be all of the things and have all of the things I so desire. That I didn’t have to keep pushing away parts of who I was.

Why would those dreams and desires exist so powerfully within me if I were meant to push them away? Who says money, caring about your appearance and outer success isn't spiritual? This began my path of tantra which is the path I am still devoted to today. Tantra weaves all worlds together, and activates the remembrance that we can enjoy the pleasures of worldly life without attaching to them while remaining on the spiritual path of service. I came to realize that I could be of more service to the world and make a greater impact if I was living fully expressed as my true self and welcoming in abundance on all levels. 

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 18. Aside from four months of my life, I have never worked for anyone else. This is how I was created. I have always been very passionate about business and it has come naturally to me. In the same way some say they hide in the "spiritual closet", hiding their spiritual path from others in their lives who might judge them, I was hiding in the business and wealth closet. Holding a guilt within me for wanting to embrace all parts of this human experience, and embody my feminine and masculine sides unapologetically. 

For the next six years after that first day I met my first embodied Goddess mentor, I taught tantra and women's empowerment. I started a worldwide program teaching at women's shelters as I used to live in one myself after an abusive relationship. Everything was going well for me and I was happy making six figures per year. This felt incredible given how I grew up, the opportunities I worked hard to create for myself, and that I was doing work that truly fulfilled me. I didn't think too much about money as whenever I needed it, it was there if I was willing to work for it. Then the 2020 pandemic happened.

I had an entire year of in person events booked that I had personally invested in; conferences, book readings, events and retreats I was hosting, mostly on my own. To keep this story short, I lost all of my savings, gained a ton of angry clients, had companies go MIA with my money, had almost a year of income stolen from me, and almost went bankrupt overnight. The rug was pulled out from under me and the hardest part was that during all those years of traveling to a new country every month, I had no steady home, community or support system to lean on. It was just me, out in the world, needing to figure out something quick. The rest of 2020 I lived in 100% survival mode attempting to get back on my feet. 

This time of my life was a new form of rock bottom and made me realize I had been missing two extremely important things from my life: true financial security and community. I was learning how to file for bankruptcy when I decided instead, to make some sacrifices and rise the f*ck up out of the ashes that were my old life.

I had taken many business and finance courses in the past, even attending college in Australia for business. Rather than giving up and going back to Canada defeated, I decided my number one priority would be to become as teachable as possible. I had been playing the teacher role for a decade and decided to step back and become the student. I knew I would never be in that position again and I would do whatever it took to not be. At this point I have invested over $150k into my education. 

I stayed on my friends coach in California and I became obsessed with learning how to create true financial freedom and stability for myself. I took every manifestation course I could find and played with every approach possible. I borrowed money to survive and every dollar of my income from online programs I held went towards finance, abundance, and business courses. 

Within one year of hard focus, I learned how to create an online Empire from scratch. I wrote and finished three new books. I created multiple online courses, a membership program, a top podcast, and an award winning app. I grew my community and sisterhood. I was not messing around. And after my rock bottom of 2020, the following year I made over triple my annual income before the pandemic, and it’s only growing from here.

Through these massive shifts and upleveling in my life I learned a lot about myself and the world around me, and I felt a calling to begin empowering women (and the spiritual community!) in the areas of wealth, abundance and mindset. I realized that over 80% of my success has been mindset, no kidding. I became certified as a Hypnotherapist to help others work through their limiting beliefs around happiness, success and abundance, which usually is rooted from childhood.

After a few years of diving fully into these topics, learning what worked and what absolutely didn't, I'm ready to share my favourite secrets with you, so that your journey can be a much shorter one than mine. 

It is my absolute honour to activate these wealth codes within you and remind you of your infinitely abundant nature and ability to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

$ My Story $

"Working with Krystal has been one of the greatest gifts I've given myself. She's guided me to activate spaces within that were asleep for most of my life. She's reminded me of my feminine power and potential, and how to feel comfortable in my body and energy. She's shown me how good life can feel! "

Katie -California

"Kate changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my business if not for her."


started her own biz



When those ready to show up for themselves and the collective have more money and resources to do so, the world transforms. As we do this individual work, we heal the collective stories around wealth, self worth, empowerment and pleasure.

The affordable & transformational journey to change your abundance story.

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