This is your official invitation to your rebirth. Are you ready to embody all that you came here to be? To shed the layers of conditioning and confidently reveal the unstoppable, radiant, true you and let her SHINE? Are you sick of your own bulls*t; of playing small and standing in your own way? Are you ready to push through false limitations and blast through the imaginary box others, and yourself, have put you in? Are you ready to be fully seen for the magnificence that you are and share your unique gifts with the world? Are you ready to claim your desires, dreams, and abundant nature? 

In the past 12 years of working with women around the world (in over 60 countries!) as an empowerment guide, tantra teacher and mentor, I have learned the keys to creating a pleasurable life, and have come to understand the true importance of sisterhood. This is the first time I am offering an ongoing, affordable membership program where we can continue to connect, support, grow, share, and RISE together, every day of the year.

Abundance is your birthright. Pleasure is your birthright. Life can feel so f*cking good, and it only gets better. This is available to you, if you claim it. 

We are leveling up, on all levels babe.

The Untamed Power of the Liberated Woman.

Sister, Ready to Rise?

We are a collective of women from across the world who believe the impossible to be possible, and claim it as our reality. 

We are the bridge between worlds. We are the creatrix’s of a new earth. One where there is enough space for us all to win. We are the Sacred Feminine Rising.

When one woman reclaims her power and steps into who she was birthed into this world to be, the entire collective feels it.

Club Unbounded is exclusively for the heart led Empress who is ready to make massive change and express her most authentic, bold, liberated self out into the world. 

The Unbounded Woman unapologetically paves her own way and embodies her pleasure, passion and truth. Her existence in itself is a permission slip for others to rise up and embrace their highest timeline.

What does the most liberated version of you look like?
How does she feel?

We are upleveling, on all levels. This is a total life transformational program.

We are upleveling, on all levels.
This is a total life transformational program.






Together we journey in this sacred container through many layers of our being and call upon many sacred tools and practices to release blockages and embody our full potential.


As a Member, You will:







I am ready to embrace my next level.

23 years old or younger? You're eligible for the Youth Rising 50% discount! Scroll to the bottom to learn more.

You'll immediately receive access to our growing library with video and audio practices for the mind (EFT tapping, Hypnosis, affirmations), body (embodiment practices, dance, yoga), Spirit (meditation, mudra, mantra, journaling, tantra) and abundance (masterclasses & more).

Along our journey Krystal offers ongoing masterclasses, workshops and Q&A's based on that month's theme and archetype. These include feminine embodiment classes and masculine (action oriented) masterclasses.

Access to our library of on demand videos, audios & workshops

Bi-weekly live embodiment workshops & masterclasses with Krystal



Guiding our journey every month is a powerful Tantric Goddess Archetype and theme we will focus on, call into our frequency and learn more about how we can embody these qualities in our own Empires (lives). 

As you might guess, Krystal, having six published books and three best sellers, LOVES reading and sharing her favourite books in sisterhood! Every month we'll have a new read and share our views and experiences together so we can really implement the wisdom we have learned. 

By being a member of Unbounded you'll receive exclusive access and discounts on Krystal's other online courses, in person retreats, special trainings and events. We will be hosting an Unbounded members only in person annual retreat. You will also receive Krystal's bi-monthly masterclasses outside of Unbounded for FREE plus the recordings will be added to our library!

Monthly Divine Feminine archetype & theme 

Access to our Monthly Book Club

Exclusive membership discounts & free access to other trainings

Exclusive membership discounts for female run businesses




Every month we have new guest teacher(s) who are experts on our theme and archetype of the month. You'll receive guest teacher classes, live Q&As, and early access to my podcast interview with our teacher.

You will have all of the support and guidance you desire along our journey together with open access to our private Facebook group of almost 1000 likeminded women, and our more intimate Club Unbounded members only Telegram group.

As you might guess, Krystal, having six published books and three best sellers, LOVES reading and sharing her favourite books in sisterhood! Every month we'll have a new read and share our views and experiences together so we can really implement the wisdom we've learned. 

By being a member of Unbounded you'll receive exclusive access and discounts on Krystal's other online courses, in person retreats, special trainings and events. We will be hosting an Unbounded members only in person annual retreat. You will also receive Krystal's bi-monthly masterclasses outside of Unbounded for FREE plus the recordings will be added to our library!

There's more babe! Every month we feature a Badass feminine run business. You will receive access to the creatrix if you have any questions, plus a special discount at her business for our members only.

Monthly guest teacher workshops & interviews

Access to our private Telegram + Facebook/IG groups with ongoing support from Krystal!






You'll Receive:


Guiding our journey each month is a Divine Feminine Archetype and associated theme from the ancient Tantric lineage.

These Archetypes are called the Mahavidyas: The Great Wisdom Goddesses.

These Goddesses are fierce and powerful. Their purpose is to activate the remembrance of your Divine Feminine Essence, release all that is blocking you from your highest expression, and guide you to your greatest liberation and pleasure.

You can cancel your membership at anytime, but a full year in Unbounded is recommended for the highest benefits and deepest transformational journey led by these powerful archetypes. We begin with Ganesha, he who removes obstacles (and also places them in our way so we can evolve), and move into Shiva during the month of Shivaratri (Night of Shiva) together, to honour the Divine Masculine Spirit. The remaining are the 10 Mahavidyas, aspects of Shakti, each with their own unique path to liberation.

Guiding our journey each month is a Divine Feminine Archetype and theme. Here's some of our current themes:

Diana: The Visionary Vixen
Kali: Rebirthing from the Void
Lakshmi: Sacred Prosperity
Aphrodite: Sexual Power
Saraswati: Magnetic Creatrix 

Tantric Goddess Archetype & Theme

A Year in Shakti Unbounded:

January: Ganesha
February: Shiva
March: Kali
April: Tara
May: Tripura Sundari 
June: Bhuvaneshvari 

July: Bhairavi 
August: Chinnamasta
September: Dhumavati
October: Bagalamukhi 
November: Matangi
December: Kamalamika

Every month we're guided by A...

At the start of the pandemic in 2020 I felt more powerless than I ever have in my life…

"Money is unspiritual." 

Do you know what does feel empowering and aligned AF?

This is the new paradigm for the feminine. Life gets to be that easy, and we get to feel good about desiring and claiming more, not guilty. We get to empower others by empowering ourselves. When wealth is in the pockets of the feminine the entire world will change. Those who are desiring to make positive impact in their lives and others, are exactly the ones who should be unapologetically calling in the money and resources to support and empower their mission.

Shakti is all of this physical reality, and Shiva is the resting awareness behind it all. In this program, we are embracing and celebrating the spiritual realms, as well as the material. We dance  and play within Earth and Spirit.

That year 100% of my income was meant to come from back to back in person events I had booked out for what was meant to be the biggest year of my career. Overnight every single event was canceled, and as I fell to the floor of my Airbnb in Australia where I would remain isolated alone for the following 4 months, I realized as a full-time solo female traveling for over a decade, I had not prepared myself for unexpected circumstances such as this. 

As I had spent a large amount of the profits from the future events on the events and many of the businesses I had dealt with went MIA, plus I had hundreds of refunds to offer, I almost had to file bankruptcy during the first month of the pandemic.

I worked very hard, very fast, to get myself out of a challenging situation that shot my nervous system and put me in survival mode for all of 2020.

I fell into the trap of this limiting belief for many years as I renounced all worldly pleasures at the start of my spiritual journey and owned one suitcase of clothing for six years. I grew up with very little money and always wanted to provide a more abundant lifestyle for my family, but as I lived in Ashrams and devoted myself to a spiritual lifestyle, I felt guilty for desiring more. I had an internal tug of war, being pulled between the spiritual and material, attempting to discover who I truly was in it all. When I made money I would give it to others or spend it as quickly as I made it, as I had the internal belief it was wrong.

You know what doesn’t feel empowering or spiritual?

Staying with my abusive ex for an extra year because I didn't have the resources to survive on my own. Sitting in my car ugly crying in another parking lot after my card was declined (again) and knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat that week, scraping together just enough money to feed my dog before myself. Not being able to join my friends on exotic trips or self development events because I can’t afford it. Releasing sacred dreams of mine because in order to make them my reality it requires money. Losing clients because my work schedule is so full while making next to nothing and being constantly drained when I show up to my meetings. Then spending half of my day in fetal position because life feels so exhausting. Receiving endless “failed payment”, "Overdraft fee" and "bank account warning" notifications and emails, stressing how I will keep my phone on this month and website running. Working eighty hour weeks and not being able to pay my rent because I am meant to be of service and that means giving every single bit of myself while expecting nothing in return. Watching my parents struggle to pay their bills while retired, all while knowing those years I spent in the jungle meditating (being 'selfless') I could have been in the world empowering myself in the areas of finance and investments so they would be able to relax carefree as they grow older. 

Making a greater impact and being able to help others more because I can afford a team and to set up systems where I don’t need to be working all of the time. Donating to my most dear conservation and social projects. Booking a 5 star resort with my friends last minute to fill my cup so I can show up for my community and those in my life more energized, turned on and present. Buying property for my parents to retire comfortably on and being able to help them with bills. Knowing that when I have my own family they will have the security and opportunities I didn’t have growing up. Knowing that I can live abundantly and prosperously AND be devoted to my daily spiritual practice and my mission to empower others and spread the biggest wave of love in the collective as possible! Knowing that I can play in the material world and live a guilt free, pleasure led life without apologizing for it, without taking it all too seriously and completely owning who I am; a spiritual, sensual, wild, multidimensional, liberated, free-spirited, abundant, wealthy woman. 

‘More’ to me is one of the most powerful words we can own.

We are often programmed to settle, to not ask for more, to feel guilty for our desires and the bigness of our dreams.

The spiritual perspective is to be happy where you are and present in this moment. Which I followed for many years. When I discovered tantra it allowed me to dive into a lot of “what if” energy…

 What if I could be deeply happy with what I have now while calling in more love, more pleasure, more connection, more abundance, more money, more orgasms, more clients, more adventure, more play?

 What if I get to have it all and be it all, and I don’t have to feel guilty for it?

 What if my desires are not wrong, but deeply sacred and exist within me because they are meant for me?

The key of manifesting is firstly loving ourselves where we are and cultivating the experience of what we are seeking right here and now, while also getting so excited about and falling madly in love with who we are becoming.

I believe that when the spiritual community, and the feminine energy, are in more positions of power and financial abundance, the whole world will shift into a more compassionate, communal, harmonious way of being. This is why I am so passionate about this work. 

Reclaiming our pleasure, saying YES to more, and taking control of our finances as women are two of the most empowering steps we can take in our lifetime and creates more inspiration and opportunity for other women to do the same.

Have the Courage to Claim More


23 years old or younger? You're eligible for the Youth Rising 50% discount! Scroll to the bottom to learn more.

Take a look inside...

The name for Unbounded (and calling my community Baby Elephants) is inspired by a story that deeply touched my soul; the story of the Bounded (Roped) Elephant.

The story goes something like this. A man once visited a zoo and the zookeeper gave him a tour. He stopped at the elephants surprised by what he witnessed. I giant elephant was bounded by one fragile rope tied around its back leg. It was very clear the elephant could easily break free and run if it choose, but it remained standing obediently as if it were actually stuck in one spot.

The man asked the zookeeper, "How do you train the elephant to remain so obedient and not run away?"

He replied, "We use the rope when they are young and it's actually strong enough to hold the elephant in place. As they grow older they no longer try and believe they are not powerful enough to break it."

The baby elephant to me represents what so many of us have today; chained elephant syndrome. It is heartbreaking for the innocent animal and it is heartbreaking for the human who has so much potential yet allows their imaginary limits to hold them back from living the life they came here to live, to becoming who they came here to be. Even though the elephant is an intelligent being, with ongoing conditioning it forgets its own power and abilities. 

The Unbounded journey is a journey of releasing these imaginary limits, letting go of the conditioning we've received to keep us playing small and stepping unapologetically into our full potential, on all levels. 

The elephant to me is a very precious spirit animal, representing the masculine and feminine qualities within us. Reminding us that it is okay to be BIG and think BIGGER. They are powerful and strong, yet gentle, intelligent, and family/tribe oriented. We call in this powerful totem into our journey.

The Bounded Elephant 

We are as free as we choose to be.

I'm Krystal, and I'm so honoured that out of all of the endless places you could be right now, you are here with me.

I want to be a living example of what is possible. I want to activate parts of you that you might not know even exist. I want to be your permission slip to claim your power and pleasure whole heartedly.

I live a truly unbounded lifestyle, but it hasn’t always been this way. My upbringing in Northern Canada was rough, to say the least. I was abused for the first half of my life, in and out of hospitals and women’s shelters. I had no voice. I couldn’t look people in the eyes. My self worth and confidence were nonexistent. I had many addictions and self sabotaging behaviours. I was engaged to be married to a very abusive man 

when I was twenty. My life was a whirlwind of chaos and suffering, and it was not my own. My life had been mapped out for me and I allowed everything outside of myself determine who I was and where I was going.

Before I was married, I took the leap that would change my entire life. I did what terrified me the most. I got on a one way flight to China alone with less than $100 to my name, and moved to a new country where I knew no one and had no idea how I would survive. I did know, however, that whatever was waiting for me on the other side of my comfort zone was going to be better than what came before. I ran off the plane as soon as I took my first step onto it and almost left the airport, texting my abusive ex to come pick me up... but somehow I gained the strength to turn around and get back on it. Luckily, they had held it for me. That moment was the moment I became unbounded. 

Since then freedom, self empowerment, service and pleasure have been my top priorities. I began sharing my story at women’s shelters in China and have been devoted to my mission of empowering other women through my own experiences for over 14 years. 

In that time I have:
- traveled to 67 countries and counting as a solo female
- Became a best selling author and published six self help and wellness books 
- Taught thousands of women around the world how to reclaim their power and joy in all areas of life 
- Spent 10 years single focusing on my own self growth and spiritual studies 
- Healed from my past trauma and have helped others to heal and claim the life they deserve
- Found my spiritual path and devoted my life to it as well as my vision to inspire and empower millions around the world
- Lived in cars, vans, hammocks, 5 star hotels, Airbnbs, tents, boats, mansions, yurts, and more. I always have a van back home I can adventure in if needed. 


Yes, my life has been unconventional. I live and breathe freedom and will do whatever it takes to experience and live life on my own terms. Becoming Unbounded does not mean you need to quite your job, buy a van and go find an incredible lover from across the world (but if you feel called to do so- I highly recommend!), it does not mean you have to live the same way as I do. It means that you release the imaginary limitations and conditioning that have been holding you back from shining your brightest, boldest, most authentic self out into the world. It means taking the reigns of your life and living it exactly the way you want to. It’s releasing all the layers of who you’ve been told you are since childhood and revealing the true epic, next level YOU. It’s reclaiming your power from the external world and becoming the source of your own joy. 

If this lights you up as much as me I would love to guide you to the reclamation of your baddest, boldest, most pleasured and successful self.

Hi Gorgeous Shakti!

Living life turned all the way the f*ck on is our new norm.


We know that abundance is our natural state, and in order to feel rich it must come from within first. We choose to live in an abundant reality, no matter the temporary external circumstance.


We infuse our work and days with pleasure because we know that this path (and this life!) is meant to be fun and playful. We get to make our growth pleasurable and rewarding. By doing so we make even the 'mundane' delicious.

We check in with our vision and priorities often. We don't shame or put pressure on ourselves if we fall off from our mission, but we jump right back on with new lessons. We are aligning with our highest possible timeline.

We surrender control and trust that everything is Divinely guided and we are exactly where we are meant to be. We take aligned action while also leaving space for miracles to enter. We trust that Universe has a magnificent plan for us.


We are tapped into our feminine magnetism and know that what we desire at a soul level, desires us too. We open the gates to receiving and attracting our dreams.

We cultivate unapologetic confidence in ourselves, our work in the world and our unique gifts. We don't play small when it comes to our talents, and give others permission to be the same. 

We tap into our expressive nature and allow our unique personality, creativity and radiance to shine. We learn how to embrace our authenticity and share it proudly.


We unapologetically fill our own cups first. We prioritize ourselves. We honour when we need to rest and respect our boundaries. We give ourselves the love, affection, validation and celebration we desire.

surrender & trust


full body F*CK yes.

Shakti Unbounded 

Self Love

success codes


authentic expression

WEEKLY LIVEs with krystal (value $3000+)

NEW VIDEOS & downloadable audios BASED ON THE THEME & ARCHETYPE OF THE MONTH (Value $3000+)

GUEST TEACHER WORKSHOP, interview & GUIDANCE (Value $2000+)




Every month you receive a ton of epic tools, ongoing coaching and live practices to play with and integrate into your Empire (life!)

This is not another fluffy manifestation program.
This is the path of feminine magnetism and masculine aligned action. The receptive and the practical. You'll receive new (live) feminine sensual embodiment classes plus practical masterclasses every month. 

This is not another fluffy manifestation program.
This is the path of feminine magnetism and masculine aligned action. The receptive and the practical. You'll receive new (live) feminine sensual embodiment classes plus strategic masterclasses every month.


Club Unbounded is your personal life coach, yoga teacher, nutritionist, personal trainer, supportive community and feminine empowerment guide all in one.

I created this program in a way that is affordable and accessible to most women who are ready to invest in themselves and show up in their lives in a new way. I know that not everyone can afford to spend thousands to attend Goddess retreats, or hire a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach when they are just starting out. It was my vision to offer a truly empowering lifestyle program to women around the world. As someone who has explored endless online programs and teachers, and invested multiple six figures into my education, I didn't see anyone offering ongoing support like this at an affordable price. This was the birth of The Goddess App, which rebirthed and upleveled into Unbounded!

While I am allowing members to cancel at anytime, I invite you to fully commit to this path for a minimum of three months. This is the time I know you can make massive shifts in your inner and outer worlds. I'll be waiting for your in the club, as your guide, but ultimately the power is yours sister. How far you evolve with these tools and how magnificent your rebirth is, is up to you. Are you ready to show up for yourself in a new way?

This is for the woman who is ready to step up to the next level, show up for herself, reclaim her power and commit to her growth.

you have had the power within you all along. You have always been worthy, whole, sexy and sacred. I am just here to remind you and activate those spaces within you that have been ignored, desiring to be expressed and celebrated.

You can have it all.
You can be it all.
You do not have to fit into a box.
Everything is available to you.
Believe it.
Embody it.
Claim it.

Liberate yourself, baby.

We are meant to be in sisterhood but have lost this truth over centuries of disconnect and a collective sister wound. We are meant to share together, bleed together, grow together and rise together. We would be honoured to have you join our sisterhood and discover what magic we can manifest together in tribe.

With your membership you not only have access to our ongoing private sisterhood chat, but also will be invited to our exclusive in person events. As I share in my story above, I walked the path of the lone wolf "alpha female" for most of my life, I thought it would always be this way. At the start of the pandemic I realized how truly important it is to have solid sisters to lean on and to support when external circumstances change.

We are cyclical beings, always changing, always growing, and we rise even higher together.  

As women we are capable of doing it all on our own, but with the power of other women by our side, our potential is amplified.

Babe, you're in the right place.

You are so worthy of the life you desire.
You are so capable of making it your reality.
It is your birthright.

Embrace your highest timeline.


This is your time, Sacred Woman.
We cannot wait to welcome you home.
 To connect, share and to rise together.


Claim your seat.

Is there a time commitment for the membership?

No. You can cancel at anytime, but we are confident you wont want to as this program continues to evolve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the lives take place?

Our live classes take place on Zoom, and the Q&As will be on the @club_unbounded Instagram account, unless otherwise stated on your monthly calendar. In the club area you'll receive the monthly details and links.

What if I miss the lives? Can I watch them afterwards?

Will I have access to Krystal?

Wow! There's so much content, will I be overwhelmed? 

Yes! With your membership you will have access to all past live recordings in the library. 

Yes, lots! This is the most budget friendly program to access live coaching from Krystal during the three lives per month PLUS ongoing coaching on our Telegram group. 

There is a lot of content and the library is always growing, but you can absolutely go at your own pace. The most important part of this journey is connecting in sisterhood and attending the lives (or the recordings shortly afterwards). A lot of our prerecorded classes such as meditations, hypnosis, sensual dances, are kept shorter (under 30 minutes) as we know you are a boss babe with a busy schedule! How involved you are is totally up to you but we recommend taking advantage of the live sessions and coaching for best results.

Can men join?

This program is for women or those who identify as a sister/Empress/Goddess. I run other programs often that are for everyone. :)

Can I receive a refund?

All sales a final and refunds will not be issued. You gain access to a ton of epic content as soon as you register, unfortunately some would take advantage of the refund policy. We trust that you will love it all so much that you'll want to stick around! Thank you for understanding. 

Will I receive immediate access?

Yes! As soon as you register you'll receive an email with your login link. Once logged in you'll have access to the full library and links to upcoming live workshops.

Love it! I'm so in.

Some words from inside the Unbounded Member's chat during the first few days of our launch:

Youth Rising Discount

If you're 23 years old or younger, Krystal is offering 50% off to you! In order to receive this discount send your details and a photo of your ID to

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