The Empress Codes: 

Six Codes to your Most Powerful, Pleasurable & Prosperous Life

The Empress Codes (as well as The Empowered Empress Journal and Embodied Empress Mystery School) is based on six sacred Divine Feminine archetypes from the Thoth Tarot. I share what we can learn from these powerful archetypes and how we can best embody them in our own lives. This is a TOTAL life transformation guide, into all aspects of yourself and your Empire.

- How to use Sacred Feminine Archetypes to live a life of your wildest dreams
- How to use tantric and mystical tools for self empowerment
- How to release blocks around receiving money and all that you deserve
- How to manifest your dream life and call in your heart’s desires
- Rituals and practices for healing, self discovery, self love, abundance and much more!
- How to embody your Empress Frequency and fiercely rule your Empire (life)

I: I own my emotions and embody my pleasure.
II: I cut through the veils of illusion with my sword of Clarity & Discernment.
III: My body is a sacred Temple. I magnetize and manifest all of my Desires.
IV: I own all parts of myself and wear my past as armour. I decide who I am and the world adjusts.
V: I play within the mystical realms and align with my Highest Empress Frequency.
VI: I reclaim my throne and rule my Empire as a Fierce Feminine Leader.

You'll Learn:

The Codes:

 The Empress is an embodiment of all the Queens and Priestess qualities integrated and then celebrated. She has reclaimed her power, and although self doubts and fears may still arise, she doesn't allow them to affect The trajectory of her life.

The true Empress doesn't rule to stand taller than anyone else, but to lift others up to stand beside her.

She doesn't rule the world, she is the world.

If you want to love yourself deeply, feel worthy of the life of your dreams, let go of limiting beliefs and pains from the past, while stepping into your own power, sensuality and sovereignty, this book is for you.

In this book you will learn:
~How to Fall Madly in Love with your-Self.
~Meditations, Rituals and Sacred Practices.
~How to Use Goddess Archetypes for Self-Growth.
~How to Fully Embody the Divine Goddess within YOU.
~Foundations of Natural Healing, Yoga, Tantra & Sacred Sensuality.
~And Many more Divine Practices for Self-Discovery!

Awakening the Goddess

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